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Carlee Wehrman: South by North by South SUCCESS!

25394821_1559894887380257_1505098130793712222_oMeet Carlee Wehrman!

Carlee is originally from Hudson, Wisconsin and was homeschooled, graduating in May of 2012. She started her journey with UMD in Fall of 2014 after two years at a different four-year university.

Today? Carlee JUST graduated from UMD after this Fall 2017 semester.

In fact..after graduation, she moved to Texas to become a Quality Engineer with Ecolab. Yep, she JUST graduated and is already employed! (Pretty cool, right!)

Her favorite thing about Duluth? “Definitely the lake and all the friends I’ve made up here. We love walking along the beach and lake walk!”

Her favorite thing about UMD? “I really enjoy how a lot of the students and faculty at UMD are down to earth. It was not as intimidating as going to a big city school but we have so many resources and labs are very fun and hands-on.”


Carlee enjoying a hike at Gooseberry Falls State Park!

What led to you deciding to transfer?
“The university I came from did not have a full four years of engineering but they had a pre-professional program that I did for two years while living at home.”

Why did you choose UMD?
“After coming and speaking with the professors and advisors in my department, I felt like I was wanted in the program. They were very down to earth and helped me plan out my first couple semesters. They made the transfer to UMD very smooth.”

What was your transfer experience like?
“With classes, everything transferred so that wasn’t a huge worry. I was more concerned with how I would fit in with classes. It took me a bit longer to get to know people in my classes and graduating year but I eventually joined study groups and found several niches of people to hang out with.”

How did you feel when you arrived on campus?
“I love telling this story! When I first came to move in I saw a baby deer under a tree. It had just rained so there was a rainbow and the whole view was AMAZING! I was glad I chose to live on campus in that moment.”

Carlee and her roommate, Jenna on a Boundary Waters camping trip.

Were you involved in any clubs/organizations?
“Yes, I was part of the Industrial Engineering club on campus and I also went to meetings for the Society of Women Engineers. The IE club will go on tours of factories like Cirrus Aircraft or local breweries. With SWE we did a lot of outreach events for kids in Elementary school and middle school like ‘Spring into Engineering’. I also gave campus tours during the school year for Admissions.”

Did you hear about or are you involved in any internship or job shadow opportunities?
“I did an internship two summers ago and last summer/Fall semester I did a CoOp (extended internship) for a company down in the Twin Cities. Both of them were paid and I got recruited at the Fall Semester Engineering career fair that is hosted at UMD on campus.”

Did you work on-campus and/or off-campus?
“My last job at UMD, I worked as a tour guide on campus. All of my roommates were tour guides so they roped me into it. I’ve made a lot of friends through the program and learned a lot about the campus!”

What has been your favorite class so far?
“I took a machining class last semester and learned how to use mill and lathe machines. I had a lot of fun and we made some pretty cool things in class. For those who don’t know, they are high-speed cutting machines. A lathe will do straight linear cuts and a lathe cuts radially. We also have a water jet, CNC route, and 3D printers in our lab.”

Carlee and her dad checking out one of the labs on campus.

Do you have a favorite professor?
“Prof. Turuna Seecharan in the MIE department. She made a difficult class fun and sometimes featured Batman in the homework/test problems!”

What has been your best memory at UMD?
“Definitely all the fun times I had with my roommates! We made a lot of delicious family dinners in our on-campus apartment and would have movie nights.”

What would you have done differently when choosing a college?
“I would have transferred a year sooner! If I had transferred a year sooner, I could have spent less time completing a four-credit class that took me, two classes, to complete (six credits) at my old university. Even though the pace I completed school was a little slow, I’m glad I took my time and learned how to study and take notes properly. It really paid off and I got a nice GPA in the end!”

Posing by Lake Superior!

What was your biggest fear about transferring and how did you overcome it?
“I was really, reeeally, afraid of not fitting in! I wanted to get along with everyone from my classes and my roommates too. My three roommates in the apartments all knew each other from freshman year so I was assigned to them randomly. We ended up getting along really well! They are my best friends in Duluth!”

Do you have any advice for students who are looking to transfer?
“Take at least one 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. class every semester! You don’t have to get up that early every day but if you are up by 8:00 a.m. three days out of five it makes you super productive so you can relax in the evenings!”


Transfer student Andrew Lloyd: “Duluth is my second home!”

IMG_2864Meet Andrew Lloyd!

Originally from Coon Rapids, MN, Andrew is a 2014 graduate of Coon Rapids High School. Andrew started his journey at UMD in the Fall of 2016 after starting at Anoka-Ramsey Community College.

Today, Andrew is double majoring in Criminology and Sociology. He aspires to work with families and victims of crime after graduating from UMD.

When asked about his favorite thing about Duluth, Andrew stated “seeing the Aerial Lift Bridge at night, or going to Enger Tower where my parents took wedding photos. The beautiful scenery gets me every time!”

His favorite thing about UMD? “That would have to be that it’s my second home.”

Read on for Andrew’s UMD transfer story!

Reason for transferring?
“I was unsure on what to study so I decided to ease myself into the college process by starting at Anoka-Ramsey Community College in Coon Rapids, MN. I took some classes which led me to the majors I’m in now”

Why UMD?
“I chose UMD because my mom was born here and I always visited the area as a kid. It is a place I am familiar with and I could see myself growing here!”

Andrew with longtime friend Madison, who’s also now a Bulldog!

What was your transfer experience like?
“My transfer experience felt daunting because there was so much for me to accomplish prior to coming to UMD, yet all of the coursework I did at ARCC prepared me well for deciding my majors.”

How did you feel when you arrived on campus?
“I was a bit overwhelmed; like I didn’t belong. After navigating through the halls, though, I couldn’t find an upset face. Everyone was eager to help me out and make sure my experience here at UMD was a great one.”

Are you involved in any clubs/organizations?
“I’m involved in the Admissions Tour Guide program. And I’m a huge fan of adventuring around town with my roommates, be it going to Bentleyville, Canal Park, or even the mall; there’s never a dull moment!”

Andrew and his friends went to Bentleyville in Duluth. It was seriously ‘LIT’! (See what he did there? Haha)

Did you hear about or are you involved with an internship or job shadow opportunities?
“I’ve heard through the grapevine that criminology/sociology students intern at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in St. Paul for their required internship which is getting me jazzed for MY internship.”

Do you work on-campus and/or off-campus? If so, where?
“On campus, I work in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a Tour Guide, giving tours to prospective UMD students. I absolutely love my job, I get to show off my school that I love so much and my Bulldog Pride.”

What has been your favorite class so far?
“One of my favorite classes is Race, Crime, and Justice taught by Dr. Emily Gaarder. The way she approaches the topic is informational, professional, but also makes it fun by showing her passion in what she teaches. I think that’s what makes her class so great.”

For Halloween, Andrew and his friend Sonja went to celebrate the holiday as a fairy and Danny Phantom! Throwing it back, Fenton Thermos and all! 

Do you have a favorite professor? Why are they your favorite?
“Janelle Wilson; her class is always exciting to go to because she relates the material to current events, but she’s just so passionate about her work which makes me excited for my future work in my field. Thanks, Janelle!”

What has been your best memory at UMD?
“My best memory at UMD would be meeting my roommates Kellen and Sonja. Honestly, they were the ones who made me feel the most at home and kept me going through my first year. I’m really grateful to have met them through residence life.”

What do you plan to do after graduation from UMD?
“I plan to find a job in working with victims of crime. I may want to also pursue counseling. The options are open for me!”

What would you have done differently when choosing a college?

Andrew, hanging out with his pupper and partner-in-crime, Belle.

“I wish I was more engaged with the college process as opposed to being stand-offish. I took charge of my education but truly being excited to see different opportunities is something I wish I would’ve done.”

What was your biggest fear about transferring and how did you overcome it?
“My biggest fear was not feeling like I belonged at UMD. I feel that by getting involved more on campus and seeing what is out there truly broke me out of my shell and worry so that I could feel more comfortable with the college process.”

Do you have any advice for other students who are considering transferring to UMD?
“I would say to trust yourself and know what makes you happy in school. College is a place where you discover who you truly are and allow yourself to shine!”

Admissions Bio: Regional Admissions Counselor Colin Peters

IMG_0653Live near Minneapolis or the western suburbs of the Twin Cities? Colin Peters is here to help you out!

Colin is a Regional Admissions Counselor based in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. He works with incoming first-year students at various high schools, as well as transfer students from Normandale Community College, North Hennepin Community College, Inver Hills Community College, and Minneapolis Community & Technical College.

Colin graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. He spent the next two years working for a first-year study abroad program, splitting his time between Boston, Massachusetts and Dublin, Ireland. Most recently, Colin completed an AmeriCorps term of service as a CollegePoint Coach with College Possible in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is excited to continue his work in higher education, specifically working with students in transition, both from high school and community colleges to UMD!

Colin lived in Australia for a year and took surf lessons! This picture was taken in the three-second window where he was standing. The lessons were fun, but he still doesn’t know how to surf.

Favorite thing about UMD?

“Can I say everything?!? UMD is a great school, in a fantastic location, with a phenomenal student body and incredible professors. I love the size and atmosphere of our campus and the way UMD is involved in the larger community of Duluth. There’s so much to like about UMD that it’s hard to pick a favorite thing!”

Favorite thing about working with transfer students?

“I really appreciate the range of experience and perspective that transfer students bring. Each student is so unique and no two transfer students are alike. It’s really exciting to work with students that want to come to UMD and hear about their individual academic experiences that lead them to where they are now.”

Colin loves dogs, like A LOT! This dog isn’t his, but it’s cute, right?

Favorite thing about Duluth?

“I really enjoy the Lakewalk, Canal Park, and exploring the shops and restaurants downtown. There are so many activities to do in and around Duluth, so perhaps it’s not very adventurous to stay so close to the city, but the views from the Lakewalk and the constant activity in Canal Park keep bringing me back!”

Favorite restaurant?

“At Sara’s Table for the best brunch in Duluth. They have a very large menu and everything on it is delicious! I recommend their veggie bowl or ‘hippy farm breakfast,’ but you really cannot go wrong at Sara’s Table. The stunning view of Lake Superior is just icing on the cake! Also — 7 West Taphouse for cheap eats and good tacos!”

It was 108° this day. Don’t let that smile fool you, it was hot and uncomfortable and there were flies everywhere!

What piece of advice would you give to transfer students to help make their process/experience better?

“Ask questions and use your resources! Definitely be in touch with your academic advisor and work with them as closely as possible. Transferring can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be! IT’s very exciting to transfer to an institution like UMD. My best advice: ask questions, keep an open mind, come visit campus, talk to current students, and apply!”


National Transfer Week 2017

Hey transfer students!

Did you know there is a whole week dedicated to you?
Starting today, October 9th through the 13th, we will be celebrating you!

Throughout this week, you can:

  • Look through our blog to view and read transfer student stories
  • Schedule a visit to campus for next week on Transfer Tuesday (October 17th) by going to
  • Get advice on how to apply for admission for 2018 or how your credits transfer
    • Email or call 218-726-7171
  • Learn about the resources that transfer students can take advantage of on the UMD campus
  • Check out our Graduate Follow-Up Report that is put out by our Career & Internship Services office to see what our graduates are up to within a year of graduation from UMD
  • Participate on social media using the hashtag: #TransferStudentWeek

Here at UMD, we love our transfer students and we want to celebrate what you have or will bring to our campus!

Enjoy National Transfer Week and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Heather Rondeau
Transfer Coordinator
UMD Office of Admissions


Why did Jenna transfer to UMD? Location, Location, Location

IMG_6033Meet Jenna Steffl!

Originally from Alexandria, MN, Jenna’s a 2014 graduate of the now-former Jefferson Senior High in “Alex.”

Jenna started on her path to UMD after a brief one-semester stint at a similarly-sized 4-year university when she transferred to Duluth for spring semester, 2015.

Today? Jenna’s a senior at UMD studying Human Resource Management with a Biology minor. She anticipates her degree will land her a job as Human Resource Specialist for a large company when she graduates.

When asked about her favorite thing about Duluth, she was quick to answer:

“There’s so much to do! I love to go down to Leif Erickson Park and the Lakewalk and talk a walk to relax and de-stress from a long week. It never gets old!”

Jenna’s favorite thing about UMD?

“Again, there’s so much to do! It’s so easy to find out about all of the events going on around campus. I love all of the posters that we have everywhere!”

LOVE IT! Here’s Jenna’s full UMD transfer story!

So, what was your reason for transferring?
“My first university wasn’t a good fit for me. I didn’t feel like there was a lot for me to do around campus and the city that the university was located in didn’t feel like home. It was a great school that lots of people love, but it wasn’t the place I wanted to live for the next four years.”

Required: building a snowman after the first snowfall of 2016-2017 winter.

Why UMD?
“Very simply, I love Duluth! It’s a great college town with so much to do. There’s always an event going on around campus or in the community, there are a ton of parks and places to enjoy outdoors, and I really enjoyed the size of the campus.”

What was your transfer experience like?
“So easy!! I couldn’t figure out how to apply initially, so I called the Admissions Office and spoke to a counselor. They took care of everything and I was able to email or call to follow-up with her on my acceptance, housing, and scholarship consideration as well. She was the best!”

How did you feel when you arrived on campus?
“When I arrived on campus, I was terrified. I remember sitting at Arby’s with my parents when they dropped me off and crying. I was so scared about starting over again. When I got back to my room in the residence halls; however, the girls on my floor welcomed me with open arms. They never let me eat alone and always invited me to hang out on the weekends. I’m still friends with them to this day and even live with a couple of them. I tell them that they adopted me and made UMD feel like home. I was also glad that UMD had a Winter Welcome for transfer students. The fact that I had an event to go to and knew that I would be able to learn the essentials of the university made me less nervous.”

IMG_5487Are you involved in any clubs/organizations?
“I am involved in the Tour Guide Program through the Office of Admissions and am slowly starting to get involved in things that are related to my major since I just changed it to Human Resource Management. I’m excited to make it to more meetings for the Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM) and Women in Business. For SHRM, I participated in a mentorship program last spring. This program paired me up with an HR professional from the community and I was able to meet with them over the course of the semester to learn more about her job and the HR profession. Through Women in Business, I was able to get a tour of the new Maurices headquarters in downtown Duluth. We then had a question and answer panel with current Maurices employees.”

Did you hear about or are you involved with any internship-related activities?
“Last semester through SHRM, I was involved in a mentorship/job shadow program. I was paired with an HR professional in the Duluth area and was able to learn about their job and see what they do on a day-to-day basis. It was a really great opportunity to help me figure out if this was for sure the right career path for me.”

Do you work on-campus and/or off-campus?
“Yes, I work as a Tour Guide Coordinator for the Admissions Office at UMD. As a Tour Guide Coordinator, I am responsible for checking in visitors as they come to campus for a tour. I supervise and act as a Teaching Assistant for the new tour guides on their Moodle site, and I also help answer questions and concerns of people who are trying to schedule a tour at UMD.”

IMG_6873.JPGWho is your favorite professor at UMD and why?
“My favorite professor I’ve had is probably Lyle Shannon. He was my human anatomy professor and the semester I had him was his last semester at UMD before he retired. He wore Hawaiian shirts to class all the time and had a unique sense of humor that always kept you on your toes. On our last day of class, students who had him in previous semesters came, someone raised money to buy him a new Hawaiian shirt, and we all gave him a standing ovation. It was a really cool experience to be a part of and see how many students’ lives he’s influenced!”

What has been your favorite class so far?
“My favorite class so far has been Genetics! Although it is no longer in my major (just my minor), I absolutely loved learning about it. It found the topic fascinating!”

What has been your best memory at UMD?
“My best memories at UMD are the ones made just goofing around with my roommates. The best part about college is getting to live with your best friends. We’ve had endless late-night baking sessions, TV binges, and spontaneous hiking adventures. These are my favorites because they’re always too much fun. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, just getting to know my friends better and making memories that will last long after college is the best way to spend my free time.”

What do you plan to do after graduation from UMD?
“I hope to find a job in the Twin Cities area. I don’t have a super specific plan though, and am open to all opportunities at this point. Right now I’m keeping my options open and hoping to find something that is a good fit for me.”

Jenna’s a huge fan of skating and was able to do so via open skates in Recreation Sports & Outdoor Program (RSOP) at UMD.

What would you have done differently when choosing a college?
“I would have focused more on the city and location of the schools I was considering. I didn’t realize that this city would be my home for the next four, possibly more, years. I only thought about the majors they offered. When in reality I’ve changed my major 3 times and what I thought I wanted to do as a senior in high school is completely different from what I am doing now as a senior in college. I should have realized that as long as the school has plenty of major options, I would be fine. I love the location of UMD and the city of Duluth, and it’s ultimately why I came here.”

What was your biggest fear about transferring and how did you overcome it?
“My biggest fear was having to start over again. I was scared to learn a new campus, make new friends, and navigate a new city. To get past this, I focused on baby steps. It’s not going to come all at once. I would try and talk to a new person in each one of my classes and get to know them. I would explore campus and the city on my own and learn where everything was. I had to remind myself that not everything is going to come at once and that I would get the hang of things eventually.”

Do you have any advice for other students who are considering transferring to UMD?
“I would say to just do it! The hardest part for me was committing to come here. Once you get here, getting involved in clubs and other activities is easy. Everyone I’ve met is super eager about getting people to join their clubs and organizations that there’s no way you shouldn’t be able to meet people like you and make friends.”

Spring 2018 Priority Deadline – October 15th

Hey transfer students!

Are you looking to transfer this Spring 2018 semester? Make sure to get your application submitted by October 15th to be considered for our Admissions Scholarship for transfer students. The scholarship is worth up to $2,000 over 4 semesters.

Image result for deadline approaching

If you have any questions, please contact our office at:
218-726-7171 or

Have a great day!
Heather Rondeau
Transfer Admissions Coordinator

Andrew Weisz: Finding His New Adventure

Meet Andrew Weisz!

Andrew’s a double major in Entrepreneurship and Management Information Systems (MIS) with minors in Marketing and Music here at UMD.

Originally from Plainview, MN, Andrew graduated from Plainview Elgin Millville High School in 2015.

Back in high school, Andrew was involved in LOTS of different things: Soccer, golf, theater, art, Boy Scouts, and Knowledge Bowl to name a few. Andrew was also a textbook introvert and just kept to his strict group of friends.

It wasn’t until college that he really spread his wings and flew. 

However, his first year of college was NOT spent at UMD.

After one year at his original college choice,  he transferred up north. He just felt UMD fit better. Simple as that.

Andrew’s favorite thing about Duluth? The atmosphere. He feels like there’s something for everyone and that there is always something going on…which is perfect for somebody who refers to himself as a “busy body!”

One of his fave things about Duluth. The music. And music festivals. They pretty much happen all summer.

He’s also a huge fan of the outdoor fun that led ranking Duluth one of the best outdoor towns in the nation in 2014, and also that Duluth was voted as  “The 4th Best Foodie City n the Nation” in 2015.

Duluth also has “that hipster vibe” that he likes to see!

His favorite thing about the UMD campus? How well-connected everything with its concourse and skywalk system. On a cold day in January, you will see people in shorts and a T-shirt because you just don’t have to go outside.

But – because it’s Duluth – he’s glad people to still get outside even when it’s cold because there are a ton of amazing things to do!

He’s also a huge fan of the amazing school bands at UMD, and would love if more people would join up.

In his overall experiences, Andrew’s simply just a huge fan of what he feels is UMD’s practicality:

“They actually teach the things I wanted to know instead of teaching things that we’ll never use. My favorite part of learning at UMD, though, is that it isn’t just test based. Instead of a test, you are going to be doing projects and working in groups. They really help find your strong suit and help you from there which for someone that sucks at taking tests is the absolute best.”

So the thing about having a “busy body?” True.

Here’s MORE about Andrew Weisz…and his transfer to UMD!

What motivated you to transfer?

Well when I started looking for colleges my senior year of high school I was kind of a slacker who didn’t care a whole lot about anything, so I only checked out two schools, UMD, and the school I attended for my first year. The campus of my first college was beautiful, the classes were okay, and the band was just awesome, but honestly, I didn’t feel a strong connection to campus. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the experience I had at my first college, and the friends I made were amazing and I still talk with them today, but it just didn’t feel like home to me. I’m an adventurer who loves to travel and explore. I learned Duluth was the place for that. So I went back to looking at my backup school, UMD. I went and toured it, and honestly fell in love with the school right away. Also, another big push to come was following a girl…(don’t do it, kids, it is a bad idea!).”

Why UMD?
This school was beautiful just walking around campus I saw so much art and nature I knew UMD was the place for me. The sports are great, and the men’s hockey team got second in the nation this year. Also for a band nerd, the music is also a huge part for me. They have a great program and even better people. Lastly, the biggest reason I love UMD is the opportunities. We are one of the best schools around for anyone that wants to learn but have a fun time doing it. We have programs that are only offered at UMD, teachers that have taught all around the world, and connections that will put me way ahead of many other students.

What was your transfer experience like?
“It was great! I found out extremely soon after applying that I got in and I could plan my second semester accordingly. The summer was then spent working back and forth with a counselor helping me learn exactly what I needed to know about UMD (they are the smartest people). As the school year came closer and closer I found out about my roommate and learned more and more about the school. I also started more and more excited for that awesome experience. Once I got to Duluth I ended up changing majors and they worked with me one-on-one to get me on the right track to make it so that I wasn’t going to spend too much extra time at college.

How did you feel when you arrived on campus?
I am not a normal case for arriving on campus for the first time. As a band kid, I arrived for band camp a week before. Band camp is where the marching band kids come together a week before and start working on getting music and our first show ready for the first football game of the season. I arrived at band camp with 0 friends but an eager attitude to have an awesome time and within the first day I had made at least 50 new friends. it’s such a close knit community that you’ll have no problem making friends. Everyone is super welcome no matter where you go, just be yourself and you’ll make friends. It is a whole new experience coming from one school to another, but it ended up being one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Are you involved in any clubs/organizations?
I am involved in marching band, pep band, concert band, intramurals, Newman Center, Intervarsity, UMD film club, ballroom dancing club, entrepreneur club, UMD tour guiding, Frolfing club, and the lettuce eating club. My favorite club would have to be the UMD film club which is also known as the League of Extraordinary Film Critics. The reason this club is my favorite is that I am actually the founder and president of this club. We have over 270 awesome clubs at UMD, but I noticed we were missing one of the most classic clubs at any college. The movie watching club, so naturally I tried starting it. All I need was three friends and they let me make a new club! We started with 3 people and within the first semester, we are already up to 55 members. I would recommend to all to join or start some awesome clubs!

Did you hear about or are you involved with any internship or related opportunities?
I was involved in an internship for a computer company as a senior in high school, but since starting college I had not been interested in doing one yet. This next summer I am planning on trying to find one though. And as a business student, it shouldn’t be too hard. As a business student, they do an internship fair once a year bringing in a ton of companies looking for students. you just walk around and give people your resume. It’s super great because instead of you having to look online and search the globe for internships companies are coming straight to our school looking for you to work or intern for. also it is a great excuse to dress up and just show off to a ton of prospective employers. There is also this sick program called the career and internship program that helps students find a job or internship. My favorite part about them though is that they host mock interviews (so you can get real experience interviewing), and help you make the best resume possible! 

Do you work on-campus and/or off-campus?
“I work both on campus and off campus. My on campus jobs are as UMD Admissions tour guide, but I also work off campus at Dicks sporting goods as a golf specialist, and at Glensheen (the historic 52-room mansion in Duluth) as a tour-guide! It is extremely easy to do both school and work with an on campus job. Mainly because the school will work with your schedule to get you working when you can/ want to work! Also, it is right on campus so you don’t have to travel all throughout Duluth just to get to work. it is at most a five-minute walk from your work to class, which you really can’t beat.”

What has been your favorite class so far?
“My favorite class so far would have to be one of the general classes that every student should take. Jazz studies with Billy Bernard is the best class I have ever taken in college. The reason behind that is that this man has lived a life of jazz. He is an older man, but because of that he has lived, he grew up with Jimmy Hendrix playing with him and has played with most of the top jazz names in history. So instead of him talking about things he learned in a book he talks about real things that happened to him. He would randomly talk in class and say things like “yeah that Ray Charles that man could play” and then he would tell us about how he knew him and what his experience was like.”

Do you have a favorite professor?
“My favorite professor’s name is Tim Broscious. He is the athletic band director, and one of the coolest people you will ever meet. “

What has been your best memory at UMD?

“Well my life at UMD has only been underway for about a year, but within that year I have had so many memories it would be hard to pick just one to say is my best. If I would have to pick one I would have to choose the trip I went on with the pep band to the frozen four. It was a life changing experience watching our hockey team make it to the national championships, but the best part about it was that I got to watch it with all of my band friends. Well, either that or getting on national TV while playing cowbell that was pretty cool too. A few reasons on why that trip was my favorite memory at UMD are because I got to go for free, I got to support UMD, It was hosted in Chicago, and HOCKEY! it was a life changing experience that I am more than excited that I got to check out!”

What would you have done differently when choosing a college?
“Tour as many colleges as you can, and also take notes when touring campuses. It really stinks when you mix up information and get to a college where you believe something exists and then realize it’s a different college.”

What was your biggest fear about transferring and how did you overcome it?
“I think my biggest fear was not being able to find friends. Also transferring again was a huge fear of mine. To overcome this fear, I joined different clubs and bands! JOIN THE BAND!”

Do you have any advice for other students who are considering transferring to UMD?
“JOIN THE BAND! Join a club, get involved, and get out of your comfort zone! Look at more than just the college you are considering. The town/city the campus is located in should hold just as much importance in any student’s choice.”

Nikki Carroll: Finding her Fit

Sometimes “finding your fit” doesn’t happen right away.

And when it came to choosing a college, for UMD sophomore Nikki Carroll – who transferred to the University of Minnesota Duluth from a private school located in the Twin Cities in the Spring of 2016 – that was exactly the case.

Originally from Greenfield, MN, Nikki graduated from Delano High School in 2015. As a high-achieving and highly-involved student in high school, she had no problems getting accepted into college. She did, however, struggle with finding a college that not only challenged her academically but was a fit for her personally, too.

So after one semester at her original college choice – a college she feels would’ve helped her succeed as well as anywhere, but didn’t feel fit her well – she transferred up north.

Nikki’s favorite thing about Duluth is that the city has a surprisingly large nerd culture for a city that’s “small” compared to the Twin Cities metro area. According to Nikki, Duluth’s several comic book and gaming stores throughout the city are the perfect places for her and her friends go to trivia nights weekly. And she feels it’s an excellent way for her to bond with the friends she has as well as meet new people.

Her favorite thing about UMD? The number of ways she can get involved and meet new people on campus. Whether it’s through working on campus, joining clubs, or playing intramural sports, she met new people through these experiences and found some of her best friends through this. There are hundreds of ways to get involved and everyone here can find something that interests them.

At UMD, Nikki is double majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry. And the fact that UMD has top-tier science programs made her decision to transfer that much easier.

Nikki - Visit Center.png
Nikki and fellow tour guide coordinator Whitney (right) working in the Admissions Visitor Center and taking a picture with UMD’s mascot, Champ!

What motivated you to transfer?
“I transferred to UMD because, after one semester at my previous, I felt like I’d fit in much better somewhere else. I had friends, good professors, and all the other experiences that typically make a student’s college experience awesome, but I still felt like I’d fit in better somewhere else. This prompted me to look into transferring to a different college.”

Why UMD?
“I decided to transfer to UMD because it was actually my original first choice when I was looking at colleges in high school. I really liked how person the UMD campus felt to me as well as all the opportunities UMD students can take advantage of during their time here.”

What was your transfer experience like?
“For me, transferring was scary! I continuously thought that I would decide to transfer and end up not liking my transfer college either and that I would be stuck if this happened. Luckily, UMD provides many resources for transferring students that make the process easy and as stress-free as transferring colleges can be. Even during the time that I was simply looking into transferring but hadn’t yet made a decision, UMD provided me with resources and people to talk to so that I could ensure that UMD was a good fit for me and my academic goals. When I had officially decided to transfer, UMD provided me with all the information I needed for an easy transfer process. I was given contact information for people to talk to if I had any questions and my admissions counselor really helped ease the stress of transferring.”

How did you feel when you arrived on campus?
“The first time I was on the UMD campus was for Advisement & Registration (A&R). Everyone I met on this day was incredibly welcoming. There were both professors and current students available for me to talk to about classes, setting up my schedule, and campus life in general. When I transferred, I lived on campus in one of the on-campus apartments. This was really nice because one of my roommates had been at UMD from her freshman year and the other was also a transfer student, so I got a lot of support from them and their different experiences with college and UMD. UMD faculty and professors are really great about making sure new students feel welcome, as well.”

Nikki - Hammock.png
Nikki and some friends literally hanging out by the on-campus apartments in their hammocks.

Are you involved in any clubs/organizations?
“I am involved in lots of clubs and organizations at UMD. I am a part of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Club which allows me to interact with people who have similar academic interests as me but also connects me with job and internship opportunities from people working in chemistry career fields. I am also a part of the University Gaming Society which is a club that focuses on tabletop gaming, board games, and other nerdy things. It’s definitely one of the best clubs I am a part of. I also participate in intramural sports at UMD. I recently played on a softball team and I am looking to get involved with a curling team this upcoming winter season.”

Did you hear about or are you involved with any internship or job shadow opportunities?
“I do not currently have an internship but I have heard of the many opportunities UMD provides for finding internships and job shadow opportunity. I have gone to a few of UMD’s job fairs as well as utilized goldPASS for finding jobs and internships.”

Do you work on-campus and/or off-campus?
“I work both on and off-campus. Off-campus I work at a comic book store because, although I am a science major, I really enjoy drawing and art and this allows me to utilize my artsy side. On-campus I work for the Office of Admissions as a tour guide coordinator as well as volunteering at UMD’s Large Lakes Observatory doing research on Lake Superior and the surrounding environments.”

Nikki - Visit Program.png
Nikki and a fellow tour guide, Matt, like to pose heroically over UMD’s campus during one of the large group tour days.

What has been your favorite class so far?
“So far my favorite class at UMD has been quantitative analysis. This class is where, as a chemistry student, you get to start seeing more of the procedures that you would actually use in a laboratory as opposed to learning the basics of the subjects in a general chemistry class. I have always wanted to work in an analytical chemistry career field and this class helped me verify this.”

Do you have a favorite professor?
“My favorite professor at UMD is Richard Buckalew. He’s a mathematics professor and his teaching style is really structured around making sure students truly understand the subject. He is helpful during his office hours and is also easy to talk to which makes getting help a lot more enjoyable.”

What has been your best memory at UMD?
“My best memory at UMD was spending every Friday night last semester playing board games in one of the meeting rooms on campus. It’s really great being able to start your weekend by meeting up with a bunch of your friends, playing board games, then going to Tavern on the Hill to get some food. It is something I looked forward to every week and am already looking forward to during the upcoming fall semester.”

Did you study abroad?
“I have not studied abroad but I am in the process of planning a study abroad trip for the fall semester of my senior year.”

Nikki - Penguin.png
Nikki posing next to a giant penguin that she found during a pit stop in New York when her and some friends went on a road trip to Maine over winter break this past year.

What would you have done differently when choosing a college?
“Something I wish I would have done differently is paid more attention to how I felt about the overall campus when I was choosing a college, not just if the college had a good academic standing. I thought that going to a private university would be better for me academically but soon discovered that there is so much more to choosing a college than academics and that you need to choose a college where you feel comfortable on the campus.”

What was your biggest fear about transferring and how did you overcome it?
“My biggest fear about transferring was that I wouldn’t like to college I transferred to either and that I would become stuck in this loop of never being happy with where I chose to attend college. I overcame this fear of transferring by talking to people I knew who attended UMD and asking them what their favorite things about UMD were and if they thought the college was a good fit for them.”

Do you have any advice for other students who are considering transferring to UMD?
“The best advice I can give is to simply go for it. In my experience I was not happy with the college I was attending and was scared that if I transferred I wouldn’t be happy at my new college either. Eventually, it came down to me deciding that I knew I wasn’t happy where I was and that worst case scenario nothing would change when I transferred. Luckily, transferring to UMD has been one of the best decisions I have made and I am glad I had to courage to transfer.”

Duluth Transit Authority (DTA)

Hey Transfer Students,

Worried about transportation in Duluth? Don’t sweat it!

UMD students can get on the bus and ride without any extra cost. Jump on the bus, swipe your U-card, and enjoy the ride! Buses run daily and drop off/pick up is at Kirby Plaza right here on campus! 🙂

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