10003635_10205029686492312_8775647167690960855_oDaniela Zimmer is a senior at the
University of Minnesota Duluth this year studying Biology and transferred to UMD in the Fall of 2014. She loves spending time with her friends and family, is outgoing and likes to spend time outdoors exploring. One of her favorite spots in Duluth is the lift bridge in Canal Park and her favorite annual event is Bentleyville: Tour of Lights. Last summer, she went on a trip to Ecuador where she spent time on the Galápagos Islands.

Here is her UMD transfer story.


I attended the University of Minnesota Duluth my freshman year of college. I was on the waiting list for the Twin Cities campus and had every intention of transferring down there if I was given 11207_10152539185960383_1540247955_nthe chance. My first year was a bit lonely because it was my first time away from home, but I quickly adjusted and made some friends.

After a few months I couldn’t remember why I was reluctant to go to UMD. In June of 2013 I received notification from the Twin Cities campus that I had been accepted to transfer there. I was somewhat excited because I had always imagined myself attending there. Soon after I completed my transfer and realized that I would have to leave Duluth, I became a little apprehensive. It took me some time to adjust to the college lifestyle, but I had settled in by this point. I had made friends and I didn’t want to go through that process again.1396016_4924281004429_387010412_n The transfer process had already started, but I was having second thoughts. I remember thinking that I might have made a mistake by accepting the transfer, but I had dropped the classes I had signed up for at UMD and I couldn’t back out now.

Around a month later, I went to the transfer orientation at the Twin Cities campus and I was
astonished by the size of it. The feel of the campus and even the atmosphere was so different from Duluth. Immediately I found out the bigger campus and enrollment size of the Twin Cities campus was hindering my grades. I found it much harder to get in touch with professors regarding assignments and getting to know others was much more difficult. My GPA dropped significantly and started making me rethink 1395864_4924280404414_284833082_nmy career goals. It didn’t take long for me to regret my decision to transfer. I wanted to transfer back to Duluth for the next semester, but I felt that people would think that I was being indecisive.

My second semester at the Twin Cities campus I did a lot of lab work that I enjoyed. When
even the lab work wasn’t enough to reassure me of my decision, I chose to transfer back to UMD. I realized that my education was more important and the Duluth campus was much more suited to my academic and personal needs. Some people were wary about my decision to transfer back, but I knew it would be what was best for me.

In July of 2014, I got my confirmation that I could10462384_10203599445799477_2224944352206518637_o transfer back and it was such a relief for me. Coming back to Duluth as a junior was so much different than when I got there as a freshman. I was much more appreciative of the smaller campus and laid-back atmosphere. When I was applying for schools in high school, I was taken with the Twin Cities campus because so many people aspired to go there, but I wasn’t looking at how that campus would benefit me academically. There were definitely consequences after I transferred back. I had to retake some classes and that pushed my graduation back a semester. Even with these slight setbacks, I couldn’t be happier with my decision to return to UMD.

10368204_734622603258231_7589100991036769481_nI am back in a lab again as I am currently working in the medical school in their research lab and am in the process of completing an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) project. I am very active in Biology Club and recently became the secretary, as well as giving campus tours to prospective students for the Office of Admissions.

Although my transfer story is not conventional in any way, I would not change my path that led me back to UMD for the world!