TransferologyHello prospective transfer students!

For today’s blog post, I’ll tell you about a REALLY COOL transfer tool: Transferology!

Transferology is a FREE online tool that can help you see if your courses transfer to UMD. It’s incredibly user-friendly and can be a great resource for you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your free account (
  2. Enter in courses you’ve taken from any other institutions
  3. Search for matches
  4. Find the University of Minnesota Duluth!
  5. See how your courses transfer to UMD
  6. Run courses through a UMD major to see how your courses transfer into the program in which you’re interested
  7. If you have questions, click the green button “Request Information” or contact admissions at or (218) 726-7171

Happy transferring, #futurebulldogs!

-Heather Rondeau
 Transfer Counselor, UMD Office of Admissions