Hello Transfer Students!

Did you know that UMD has a Bachelor of Social Work degree? The program started at UMD in Fall 2014 and is a growing field of study.

The Bachelor of Social Work degree is a preliminary online program that is offered online via seven face-to-face/in-class meetings throughout the semester.

Why pursue a degree in social work?

Social work is a value-based profession for those who have a strong desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Social workers help individuals and families to find solutions to life’s challenges, bring communities together, and advance policy changes that promote human well-being. A career in social work is for people with a passion for advocacy and social justice. They also conduct research and are involved in administration. Social workers inspire hope that will empower others.

So, why UMD’s Social Work program?

  1. We prepare you to practice social work in our community and beyond.
  2. We prepare you for graduate school.
  3. We support you while you’re in our program and beyond.
  4. We offer convenience without losing personal connection.
  5. We offer a dedicated faculty and smaller program size.
  6. We provide opportunities for students interested in child welfare.
  7. We are part of a larger Community.

Interested in learning more?

Contact our social work department at umdsw@d.umn.edu and/or fill out this form.