Megan headshotMegan Weatherly transferred to UMD from Inver Hills Community College for Spring 2015. Megan is originally from Hastings, MN and graduated from Hastings High School in 2013.

Megan is a junior at UMD currently majoring in Integrated Elementary and Special Education (IESE). After graduation? She’d like to teach first grade.

Her favorite thing about Duluth is that there is always something to do; whether it’s walking outside, exploring a new area, or just going to the mall on a rainy day or even a movie.

Her favorite thing about UMD?

“It just offers everything I wanted in a university.”

We asked Megan a bunch more fun questions. Here’s her story.


What was your reason for choosing UMD?
UMD offers a double major program for elementary and special education, which gives me an advantage compared to other teachers having a dual licensure.

What was your transfer experience like?
My transfer experience was great! Everyone was helpful with setting up classes, helping me find my way around campus, and overall making me feel welcome. Orientation wasn’t as long and boring as I thought and I was able to interact with other transfer students to get to know them a little. I transferred from Winona State University my freshman semester to Inver Hills Community College so I already had some experience in transferring, but UMD offered more to help me find my way around campus and to make sure that I was getting the experience and help that I needed.

Megan teaching
Megan taught preschool at a daycare/preschool near her family home this past summer. She was lucky enough to prepare this particular for kindergarten in the fall.

What was it like your first time on campus?
The first time I was on campus, it was a little overwhelming with how there was no need to walk outside to get to another building for a class, as well as how crowded the hallways seemed. After about a week of having classes at UMD, I wasn’t overwhelmed anymore and was able to navigate the campus with ease.

Do you have an on-campus or off-campus job?
Yes, I serve for AmeriCorps True North and am a tutor/mentor at a local elementary school in Duluth. I absolutely love it and am gaining so much experience in being a better teacher, as well as meeting new people that I’m able to hang out with outside of work and school that I would have never met if it weren’t for these opportunities.

Did you or do you plan to study abroad?
I have not made this decision yet, but I would love to eventually do it!

What has been your favorite class so far at UMD?

Megan hockey
Megan highly recommends going to a UMD hockey game!

I have more than just one favorite class! They are  Introduction to IESE, Educating the Human Brain, Music for Elementary Teachers, Physical Education in Elementary Education, and Children’s Literature. These courses are my favorite because they’ve all given me more experience in the field of teaching that I don’t think other schools could. By giving me a more hands-on experience and getting me in the classrooms in elementary schools right from the start, I’ve been able to get some really good teaching experience already! Also, my professors not only shared their own experiences, but also made the class enjoyable to where going to class was something I actually looked forward to everyday.

Who has been your favorite professor so far at UMD?
This is a tough question! So far at UMD I have been able to create relationships with most of my professors where I am able to talk to them about anything. These professors go out of their way to talk to every student about what they are learning or teaching and then give them feedback on how to make it better for next time. They also always have their door open so that if I have questions or concerns or just want to say hi, I can stop by and they are more than happy to chat with me. The professors so far at UMD have shown an interest in me as a person and not just having me as their student. I don’t necessarily have just one favorite professor of all time, but I do have a couple. They are Jane Dietrich, Jean Stevenson, Dr. Chen Edmund, and Jim Knapp.

Megan roommates
Megan and her current roommates!

What has been your most memorable moment at UMD so far?
My most memorable moment at UMD was when I met my current roommate. We were sitting in music class and had been talking about living situations and I had mentioned that since I am a spring transfer student, I will probably have to live by myself in the fall since everyone else already has their housing plans. She jumped right in and said that she needed another roommate and I could live with them. Then we exchanged numbers, I met the other roommates, and we have all been good friends ever since then!

What was your biggest fear about transferring and going back to school? What did you do to overcome that fear?
My biggest fear about transferring was not having any friends and having to be along. I overcame this fear by talking to people that were in my classes and then from there that fear went away. I also took part in the Peer to Peer (P2P) Mentoring program for transfer students. I became friends with my mentor which helped a lot with the anxiety that came along with transferring.

My other fear was that I wasn’t going to get into the program that I came to UMD for (IESE) and that it would have all been a waste. But I put my best effort forward and talked with my professors on ways to get better and that fear started to fade away. I am happy to say that I have made it into the program and will be beginning the courses for IESE this upcoming fall!

Megan boyfriend
Megan and her boyfriend, Bryce. Bryce transferred to UMD the semester before she did.

What would you have done differently when you were in high school and were looking at colleges to attend?
I would’ve looked into my career choice more thoroughly. I was originally a nursing major and realized it wasn’t for me.

I also wish that I would have looked at more than 2 colleges when I was going through the college search process. I really didn’t have anything to compare anything to since I only looked at two to begin with.

Do you have any advice that you would like to share with other students who may be looking to transfer to UMD?
My advice for anyone that is looking to transfer to UMD is not to worry about the small things like not making friends or finding a job. You just want to make sure that for your future career, UMD is the best place to be and the rest will come with it. Making friends is easier when you are in classes together or when you join clubs or organizations.

UMD also hosts a job fair every semester and if you need or want a job it would be best to attend that event and you will find somewhere that is right for you. “Don’t be afraid! If it’s what you want to do, do it! Nobody can make this decision for you and it could be the best decision that you make!”