John shortly after getting off an 8.5 hour flight to Honolulu, Hawaii.

John Buszta transferred to UMD in January 2016 to start the Spring semester at UMD.

Previously, John attended Lake Superior College right here in Duluth. At UMD he’s double majoring in Human Resources Management and Organizational Management.

Originally from Coon Rapids, MN, John graduated from Coon Rapids High School in 2013.

His favorite thing about Duluth is the scenery, and spends a lot of his time around Amity Creek near Lester River.

His favorite thing about UMD? The faculty and staff!

After graduation from UMD, he plans to pursue a career in business. 

Here’s….John B.!


Why UMD?
UMD is part of the University of Minnesota system so I knew I’d get a quality education. It’s also in Duluth, which just so happens to be my favorite city in the state of Minnesota.

John’s a huge fan of scuba diving. Here he is in the Florida Keys!

How was your transfer experience? (admissions, orientation, etc.)
The admissions process went very smoothly for me. There were people there to help, which was incredibly beneficial and informational. I did not have any problems and enjoyed working with the Transfer Admissions Counselor.

What was it like your first time on campus?
“I can’t believe I’m actually here.” It was surreal. When I first came to campus it was different then MnSCU and I had to learn a new system. I was impressed at how all the buildings at UMD were updated with technology and good aesthetics.

Did anybody talk to you about internships or job shadow opportunities?
The Director of Career & Internship Services, Julie came into my Advanced Writing class and talked to us about opportunities that were available to us. She also helped us to know what a good resume looked like, as well as some good guides on how to get an internship and interview well.

Do you have an on-campus or off-campus job?
On-campus: I work in the admissions office. The staff is amazing and I thoroughly enjoy going to work everyday.

Off-campus: I work as a construction manager during the summer.

Do you plan to study abroad?
Yes, I want to go to Australia next spring. I like warmer climates when I travel and I just got my scuba certification so I can dive on the Great Barrier Reef. I also really want to see a kangaroo in real life!

John, his mom, and his sister took a family trip to Hawaii recently.

What has been your favorite class so far at UMD?
This semester I am taking Personal Development which is a Psychology class. The concepts are incredibly fascinating. The professor is really good at teaching and makes the class really enjoyable. Although it is online, the professor does a really good job of making sure you understand the concept and that you are not just doing busy work.

Who has been your favorite professor so far at UMD?
Professor Neal Gilbert Redman. He’s passionate about what he teaches and he actually cares about his students. He wants you to succeed.  I took Advanced Writing: Human Services with him over taking the Business Writing course because he taught the course.

What has been your most memorable moment at UMD so far?
Getting a job working in the office of admissions at UMD which was related to the job that I had at LSC.

What was your biggest fear about transferring? How did you overcome that fear?
My biggest fear was that some of my credits would not transfer. To overcome this fear, I worked with the Admissions staff at UMD and they helped me through the process. I also used a tool called Transferology ( which was a free tool that showed me how my credits would transfer into the program.

What would you have done differently when you were in high school and were looking at colleges to attend?
I did not put in as much effort during high school as I did in college, otherwise I would have gone to UMD right away. I chose to attend a 2 year school to learn how to succeed in college there first so I was ready for UMD.

Do you have any advice you would like to share with other students who be looking to transfer to UMD?
“If you are ever stuck, call the admissions office. The staff at UMD is so friendly and caring but make sure you talk to Heather!”