AnnaServatius_Headshot.jpgAnna Servatius transferred to UMD in the Spring of 2016.

A graduate of White Bear Lake Area High School, Anna is currently studying Graphic Design with a minor in Psychology.

We asked Anna to answer a bunch of questions about her transfer experience. Here’s her story!

What’s your fave thing about Duluth? 
“You’re in a larger city, but you are only a  short drive away from the ‘Northwoods experience’. There are so many awesome outdoor things to do here and the people really embrace it year round. I have always had a connection to Duluth because my family has been coming here since before I was born. It has always been a special place for me.”

Awww, a little flashback to Anna at the age of 4, with her dad, during a trip to Duluth! Isn’t that sweet?

Her favorite thing about UMD so far?
“My favorite thing about UMD is how it is so welcoming. After only being here a couple weeks I was already involved in multiple clubs and was making good friends! This university has so much to offer. Something for everyone.”

One of Anna’s first Bulldog Football games.

Why did you choose UMD?
“I chose UMD for a variety of reasons. First and most obvious is that I was already attending a different college in the Duluth area and didn’t want to leave the city. I was able to continue living in my same apartment with my same roommates which made the transition a lot easier. Another important reason was that I had spent a lot of time on the UMD campus at different activities. I had a glimpse into what life would be like as a UMD student and I was excited to become a part of the school.”

What was your transfer experience like?
“My transfer experience has overall been very positive! On the day of my transfer orientation was a little bit overwhelming. We received a lot of information all at once, but there were plenty of people to help answer questions and point us in the right direction. After the orientation session was over, Heather (an admissions counselor), took the time out of her day to personally show me around campus and help me find all my classes. I have had similar experiences with so many people since coming to UMD.”

How did you feel when you arrived on campus?
“From the beginning, I was very excited about starting at UMD, but once I actually began classes it was overwhleming. I transferred from a much smaller college, so being at UMD was a very different experience. Luckily, I got used to the campus quickly and now it feels like I’ve always been here.”

A trip to Canal Park with her freshman roommate, whom Anna still lives with!

Are you involved in any clubs/organizations on campus?
“Yes! Right away after transferring I joined the figure skating team. I have now joined the Student Design Organization and am a student graphic designer for an organization called UMD DawgHouse.”

Did you hear about or are you involved with any internship opportunities?
“Right now I am not involved in any, but I am looking into opportunities for internships or jobs in the graphic design field.”

Do you work on-campus and/or off-campus?
“I have an off-campus job working at Pier 1 Imports.”

What has been your favorite class so far?
“So far my favorite class has been 2D Digital Design because I got to learn about a lot of new programs and began making a lot of digital art, even outside of the classroom!”

Do you have a favorite professor?
“After only one full semester here at UMD, my favorite professor is Betsy Hunt. I have had many great professors since I started here but Betsy is my favorite. I love her teaching style, it works perfectly for me. She is always tough but not unfair, which pushed me to always reach a little farther on all of my projects. For every project we turned in we did a critique where we got feedback from our classmates and from Betsy as well.  Her critiques were always the most helpful. She give great suggestions and points you in the right direction without explicitly telling you what to do, which allows the students to continue their creative process. I took 2D digital design from Betsy and it has been my favorite class to date. The projects I completed in this course have added great value to my personal portfolio and I learned a lot of skills that have allowed me to apply for graphic design related jobs and do a lot of freelance work.  Other than 2D Digital, Betsy teaches other digital art classes!”

Anna with one of the pups from a dog-sledding trip to Ely, MN. Cool winter activities!

What has been your best memory so far at UMD?
“So far my best memories at UMD is when I passed my portfolio review and was officially accepted to my degree program. It was such a good feeling to finally be pursuing the right thing.”

Did you or do you plan to study abroad?
“I have not but I am hoping to go on a short term trip in the summer of 2017! I am really hoping to be a part of a short term study abroad planned for this coming summer called Global Exhibitions Experience.  This particular study abroad would take us to famous art exhibitions in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.  The details of this study abroad haven’t been completely figured out yet, but I am extremely interested and am planning to apply.”

Were you involved in Transfer Student Connect?
“Yes, I was involved in the Transfer Student Connect program. I found it to be extremely helpful. I would recommend it to every transfer student.”

What would you have done differently when choosing a college?
“I wish I would have sat in on classes at UMD or toured during the school year. My only tour happened during the summer when campus life isn’t as active.”

Craig Campbell homecoming concert in 2015!


Do you have any advice for other students who are considering transferring to UMD?
“Coming to campus and experiencing campus life before you make a decision is important. BUT my best advice is to follow your heart. I was unsure and apprehensive about my decision but I took a leap and it has completely changed my life.”