Alexandria Perrella had high hopes when she transferred to the University of Minnesota Duluth in fall 2013.

Alexandria actually grew up in Duluth, but after graduating high school in 2012, she wanted to “skip town” for college. So she enrolled at a 4-year public university in Wisconsin.

However, after a year away, she felt her hometown university was more in line with what she wanted out of an education.

For Alexandria, it all worked out: She graduated from UMD in 2016 with B.A. in Marketing and a minor in Hispanic Studies!

Here’s her UMD transfer story, straight from her brain to the UMD Transfer Blog!

“When they tell you that college flies by, they aren’t kidding! It’s crazy to think that it has been a year since I graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth. To some, including myself, graduating and getting a diploma didn’t necessarily mean I had my life planned out, but UMD definitely made a great impact on where I am today and prepared me for my next chapter in life.

“Being from Duluth, I have always had a great love for this beautiful city and all the opportunities it has to offer. Deciding to stay in Duluth after graduating college was the only definite decision I’d made by graduation day…and I was okay with that.


The last semester of my senior year I took a marketing internship course through the Labovitz School of Business and Economics (LSBE). I interned at an awesome local business called Lake Superior Art Glass which is owned by a UMD alum, Dan Neff. The course, taught by Angela Soderberg, and the time I spent on site at Lake Superior Art Glass was such a great experience! I was able to use the skills I learned in my business and marketing classes in the real world and it sparked my interest in social media marketing. I also had the chance to learn glassblowing…and I highly recommend it!

“I continued to work at Lake Superior Art Glass for four months after graduation. Then I decided to hit the road!


“Looking back on my time at UMD, one of the greatest opportunities I had was studying abroad. To help complete my minor in Hispanic Studies, I spent six weeks in Salamanca, Spain studying the Spanish language, culture and women’s history. I learned so much about Spain, myself, and my love for travel!

“Then, in September 2016 my sister and I decided to visit a good friend in New York City and then I hit the road and spent 12 days driving and exploring states including Colorado, Utah and Arizona because I simply love to travel and I truly believe it is one of the best ways to learn.


“Throughout high school, college, and post-graduation I also worked at my family’s restaurant, Sammy’s Pizza. I am currently managing, creating schedules, hiring employees, and learning everything it takes to run a restaurant. I also operate Sammy’s Pizza Downtown’s Facebook and Instagram pages which helps me put many of the skills I learned in school and at my internship to good use.

“This honestly was never what I had planned for my future, but I am greatly enjoying every moment of working for my family’s locally owned and operated business.


“I recently spent the weekend in Chicago, Illinois cheering on the UMD Men’s Hockey team at the Frozen Four Tournament since they made it to the Frozen Four and then the Championship game. During my time in Chicago, I was able to catch up with friends and other alumni that traveled in from New York, California, the Twin Cities, and beyond. We had a great time talking about the awesome memories we made during college at UMD and what we’ve all been up to this past year. Most of all, we loved cheering on our team! Like they say, ‘Once a Bulldog, Always a Bulldog’.”

“In all, I can say with pride that the professors, the friends, and all of the opportunities I gained made transferring to UMD the BEST decision of my life!