Hey transfer students!

Did you know there is a whole week dedicated to you?
Starting today, October 9th through the 13th, we will be celebrating you!

Throughout this week, you can:

  • Look through our blog to view and read transfer student stories
  • Schedule a visit to campus for next week on Transfer Tuesday (October 17th) by going to d.umn.edu/visit
  • Get advice on how to apply for admission for 2018 or how your credits transfer
    • Email umdadmis@d.umn.edu or call 218-726-7171
  • Learn about the resources that transfer students can take advantage of on the UMD campus
  • Check out our Graduate Follow-Up Report that is put out by our Career & Internship Services office to see what our graduates are up to within a year of graduation from UMD
  • Participate on social media using the hashtag: #TransferStudentWeek

Here at UMD, we love our transfer students and we want to celebrate what you have or will bring to our campus!

Enjoy National Transfer Week and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Heather Rondeau
Transfer Coordinator
UMD Office of Admissions