IMG_2864Meet Andrew Lloyd!

Originally from Coon Rapids, MN, Andrew is a 2014 graduate of Coon Rapids High School. Andrew started his journey at UMD in the Fall of 2016 after starting at Anoka-Ramsey Community College.

Today, Andrew is double majoring in Criminology and Sociology. He aspires to work with families and victims of crime after graduating from UMD.

When asked about his favorite thing about Duluth, Andrew stated “seeing the Aerial Lift Bridge at night, or going to Enger Tower where my parents took wedding photos. The beautiful scenery gets me every time!”

His favorite thing about UMD? “That would have to be that it’s my second home.”

Read on for Andrew’s UMD transfer story!

Reason for transferring?
“I was unsure on what to study so I decided to ease myself into the college process by starting at Anoka-Ramsey Community College in Coon Rapids, MN. I took some classes which led me to the majors I’m in now”

Why UMD?
“I chose UMD because my mom was born here and I always visited the area as a kid. It is a place I am familiar with and I could see myself growing here!”

Andrew with longtime friend Madison, who’s also now a Bulldog!

What was your transfer experience like?
“My transfer experience felt daunting because there was so much for me to accomplish prior to coming to UMD, yet all of the coursework I did at ARCC prepared me well for deciding my majors.”

How did you feel when you arrived on campus?
“I was a bit overwhelmed; like I didn’t belong. After navigating through the halls, though, I couldn’t find an upset face. Everyone was eager to help me out and make sure my experience here at UMD was a great one.”

Are you involved in any clubs/organizations?
“I’m involved in the Admissions Tour Guide program. And I’m a huge fan of adventuring around town with my roommates, be it going to Bentleyville, Canal Park, or even the mall; there’s never a dull moment!”

Andrew and his friends went to Bentleyville in Duluth. It was seriously ‘LIT’! (See what he did there? Haha)

Did you hear about or are you involved with an internship or job shadow opportunities?
“I’ve heard through the grapevine that criminology/sociology students intern at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension in St. Paul for their required internship which is getting me jazzed for MY internship.”

Do you work on-campus and/or off-campus? If so, where?
“On campus, I work in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a Tour Guide, giving tours to prospective UMD students. I absolutely love my job, I get to show off my school that I love so much and my Bulldog Pride.”

What has been your favorite class so far?
“One of my favorite classes is Race, Crime, and Justice taught by Dr. Emily Gaarder. The way she approaches the topic is informational, professional, but also makes it fun by showing her passion in what she teaches. I think that’s what makes her class so great.”

For Halloween, Andrew and his friend Sonja went to celebrate the holiday as a fairy and Danny Phantom! Throwing it back, Fenton Thermos and all! 

Do you have a favorite professor? Why are they your favorite?
“Janelle Wilson; her class is always exciting to go to because she relates the material to current events, but she’s just so passionate about her work which makes me excited for my future work in my field. Thanks, Janelle!”

What has been your best memory at UMD?
“My best memory at UMD would be meeting my roommates Kellen and Sonja. Honestly, they were the ones who made me feel the most at home and kept me going through my first year. I’m really grateful to have met them through residence life.”

What do you plan to do after graduation from UMD?
“I plan to find a job in working with victims of crime. I may want to also pursue counseling. The options are open for me!”

What would you have done differently when choosing a college?

Andrew, hanging out with his pupper and partner-in-crime, Belle.

“I wish I was more engaged with the college process as opposed to being stand-offish. I took charge of my education but truly being excited to see different opportunities is something I wish I would’ve done.”

What was your biggest fear about transferring and how did you overcome it?
“My biggest fear was not feeling like I belonged at UMD. I feel that by getting involved more on campus and seeing what is out there truly broke me out of my shell and worry so that I could feel more comfortable with the college process.”

Do you have any advice for other students who are considering transferring to UMD?
“I would say to trust yourself and know what makes you happy in school. College is a place where you discover who you truly are and allow yourself to shine!”